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Custom Cylinders

Custom hydraulic cylinders are a vital component of our business. We design our manufacturing and quality systems to ensure that each customer is met with the best product for their needs.  Bailey’s in-house engineering team ensures that the features and materials selected for each product cylinder will be the best design for your application.

Bailey cylinder manufacturing uses quality materials and exceeds most industry standards. We have non-standard materials available as required by your application and environment.

Our general hydraulic cylinder capabilities include the following: Pressure ranges up to 5,000 PSI (can exceed in certain applications); Minimum Bore Size: 1.5″; Maximum Bore Size: 12.0″; Maximum Stroke Length: 240″. We can also incorporate load holding valves, linear position transducers, and a wide range of mounting options. Custom coating and packaging options are also available.

  • Bore sizes 1.5” to 12”
  • Maximum stroke length: 20 feet (240 inch)
  • Operating pressures up to 5,000 PSI
  • Welded
  • Double Rod (Steering)
  • Tie-Rod
  • Single and Double Acting
  • Displacement
  • Re-phasing
  • Clevis
  • Cross-tube
  • Flange
  • Tang
  • Trunion
  • Spherical Bushings
  • Foot Mount
  • Rod and base cushions
  • Integrated free return flow check
  • Fixed and adjustable
  • Progressive deceleration profiles
  • Hard Chrome Plated Rod with options of:
    17-4 SS, NitroSteel, NiCr, or Induction Hardened
  • Precision Honed DOM Tubing
  • 5000 PSI rated Piston Seal with Wear Ring
  • Ductile Iron Piston & Gland
  • SAE
  • NPT
  • JIC
  • BS
  • Port Blocks
  • Code Flange
  • Feeder tubes with guarding if required
  • Counterbalance
  • Pilot operated check
  • Thermal relief protection
  • Solenoid control
  • Velocity Fused
  • Integrated Sensors
  • Limit and Pressure Switches
  • Position Output

Custom Power Units

Our hydraulic power unit building capabilities can accommodate a wide range of applications, such as agricultural implements, mining, compactors, automotive repairs, transportation, industrial maintenance machines and more. Our power units are customizable with a variety of features, including redundant DC backups for AC units, hand pumps, solenoid or manual control valves, two-stage pumps and more.  

  • Chief AJ: JIC reservoir with AC motor
  • Chief AL: L-shaped reservoir with AC motor
  • Chief AK: Vertical reservoir AC Power Units
  • Chief AP: Small AC Power Units
  • Maxim DS: Small DC Power Units
  • Chief GF: Frame Mount Gas Driven Power Units

Our industrial units have several standard options from horizontal reservoirs to “L” shaped tanks. Our power units can also be configured based on your application. Bailey uses EISA compliant motors for all AC, 3-phase power units; allowing your custom AC power unit to perform at higher efficiency than previously available.

Bailey also provides standard DC units. We can customize to 12 or 24 volt designs with several options including vehicle mounted or portable, horizontal or vertical, radio remote control or wired remotes and many more. 

For years Bailey has proudly used Honda engines in our extensive line up of gasoline hydraulic power units. These HPUs are available in a frame mounted version or in several other mounting variations that you may require. Honda’s technicians have certified our finished power unit designs against their stringent requirements to ensure that your gas driven unit will provide consistent, reliable performance.

We have implemented a new quote matrix system to provide customers with an easy and accurate way to request quotes from the Bailey Custom HPU Design Team. We have a 1-3 Day lead time. Quote worksheets are linked to each of the products below:

Chief AJ

  • JIC reservoir

Chief AJ Quote Sheet >

Chief AL

  • JIC reservoir

Chief AL Quote Sheet >

Chief AK

  • Vertical reservoir

Chief AK Quote Sheet

Chief AP

  • Small AC Power Units

Chief AP Quote Sheet >

Maxim DS

  • Small DC Power Units

Maxim DS Quote Sheet >

Chief GF

  • Frame Mounted Gas Driven Power Units

Chief GF Quote Sheet >

Chief GC

  • Top Mount Gas Driven Power Units

Chief GC Quote Sheet >

Standard HPUs

  • Large variety, in-stock
  • Same day shipping

Custom Valving

We offer an extensive and versatile line of custom valves. For a complete list of configuration options, product literature, and quotation assistance, contact the Bailey Technical Sales Team at 1-800-800-1810 or via email at oemsales@BaileyHydraulics.com.

Bailey knows that directional control valves are a key component to hydraulic systems. That’s why we offer an array of these to fit your needs. Our selection includes Monoblock, Sectional, Solenoid Operated, and Cartridge.

Our Monoblock valve line is versatile and extensive. Bailey carries a robust selection of stock Monoblock models as well as built-to-order configurations. Our valves have flows from 6.6 to 42 GPM and pressures up to 4,600 PSI. They can also be configured with up to 7 spools and a variety of control options, including electro-hydraulic, pilot, and pneumatic.

Bailey’s sectional valve line is robust with flows from 13 to 63 GPM and pressures up to 4,600 PSI. Bailey offers pre-configured, build-to-order, and customer kitted sectional valve assemblies. Bailey’s sectional valves can be configured with up to 12 spools, integrated cartridge valves, and a variety of control options, including electro-hydraulic, pilot, and pneumatic.

Bailey’s proportional valve line is complex and competitive with similar valve lines in the industry. Our proportional line is rated at a maximum operating flow of 37 GPM and maximum operating pressure of 5,075 PSI. We provide unique configuration options, including variable and fix-displacement inlets, mid-inlets, work port reliefs, and pressure compensated flow controls, as well as load check, shock, suction, and anti-cavitation valves.

Our line of Chief Solenoid Valves offers an improved spool, coil and dual tank line design.

D03 & D05 Features:

  • High efficiency directional control solenoid valves
  • Indicator lights and metric bolt kits included
  • Junction box wiring connection unless DIN is specified in part number
  • IP65 rated, not waterproof
  • AC options are dual rated, 50/60 Hz
  • Use with ISO 46 or 68 rated hydraulic oil
  • A single valve should be mounted to a subplate or manifold. Multiple valves require a manifold block

Bailey offers several cartridge valve brands, as well as standard and customized manifolds. Our valves can integrate into in-line manifolds, valves, pumps, and actuators (motors and cylinders). Our cartridge valve types include relief, check, flow and directional controls. Contact the Bailey Technical Sales Team for product literature and configuration options.

Custom Controls

Sure Grip Products compliment Bailey’s line of electro – hydraulic products. Click one of the product categories below to learn more:


Sure Grip Controls offers a variety of configurable industrial joysticks. 

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Sure Grip Controls offers a variety of handles designed with an ergonomic feel for use with Sure Grip joysticks 

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Sure Grip Controls’ Universal handles can be customized with various components to fit a variety of applications.  

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Sure Grip offers a variety of components, adding diverse functionality to handles, joysticks, belly packs, and control panels. 

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Sure Grip Controls produces control electronics that allow for direct control of proportional valves in a variety of applications. 

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Sure Grip Controls offers a wide variety of control accessories to completely customize any Sure Grip handle or joystick to your specification. 

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In-Stock Configurations

Our in-stock configurations range from hydraulic cylinders, components, valves, accessories and more. Shop our in-stock products here: https://www.baileyhydraulics.com/products