The Bailey Advantage

Our Network

Bailey is equipped with international and domestic manufacturing and distribution networks. Through these, we provide reliable and high-quality products with competitive pricing to all customers.

Our products have an industry leading field reliability achieved through our domestic and international on-site quality-control monitoring and testing. Prior to production of any models, we conduct endurance and destructive qualification design testing to ensure designs meet our strict requirements. Once designs are accepted, Bailey regularly conducts quality audits and source inspections at the production site to ensure quality prior to shipment.

Additionally, we provide supplier training and development to ensure proper quality control is maintained throughout the production process.

As an added measure of quality assurance, we employ a third layer of quality control through incoming product inspections for our container shipments. These measures are supported by controlled drawings and manufacturing processes, lean manufacturing practices, and a continuous commitment to improvement. This ensures that every product Bailey manufactures is thoroughly tested and ready for worry free field-use.

Through our carefully crafted supplier relationships, we can provide our customers with shorter lead times and higher inventory volumes. Bailey works directly with international manufacturing facilities which support the domestic supply chain, manufacturing, and assembly operations. By maintaining international quality control and engineering personnel, Bailey can give customers a continuous supply of high quality, reliable products at a competitive price.

Short Lead Times

Our focus on process improvement, successful supply chains and continuous communication throughout the organization coupled with key pieces of equipment has allowed us to achieve industry leading lead times. Whether it’s hydraulic power units, a valve or pump assembly or complete custom cylinders, we pride ourselves on not only getting the done in a timely manner, but meeting and exceeding the needs of our customers.

Our lead time on custom cylinders is routinely an industry leading 6-10 weeks for many designs. Shorter lead time options are available upon inquiry. For hydraulic power units lead times vary between 2 and 6 weeks depending upon customized component factors.

On Time Delivery

Bailey is committed to the on-time delivery of all products. Using closely managed capacity criteria by shift – and running shifts 7 days a week, we are able maintain industry leading on time delivery metrics.

Inventory Management

We offer a range of solutions such as blanket purchase orders, established inventory holding levels and Kanban fulfillment.

Bailey B1 Inventory Management System

The B1 program integrates proven Kanban replenishment techniques with continuous communication, technology, forecasting, and purchasing agreements. Bailey’s trained and experienced team of supply-chain, manufacturing and sales professionals will work with you to develop your inventory forecasting and stocking needs.

Bailey B1 Benefits
  • One day lead time
  • Lead time risk management
  • 40% spike in customer demand from plan with Bailey safety stock
  • Supports Just in Time (JIT) inventory
  • Supports low logistics costs
  • Market Condition monitoring
  • Products are packed and shipped consistently
  Necessary Inputs
  • Purchasing Agreement
  • Estimated Monthly Usage

Engineering Services & Tech Support

Bailey has a team of engineers, technical support specialist, and mechanics on hand to help with troubleshooting, product selection and hydraulic system inquiries. Additionally, our close working relationship with suppliers allows us to tap into their knowledge, experience and resources when needed.

Bailey offers end-to-end hydraulic system solutions. From pumps, to valves, joysticks, cylinders, hydraulic motors and more, our product offering covers all elements of a system design.

Our engineering design team offers a full range of system design capabilities, from basic manual hydraulic control systems to fully proportional controls with computer control systems. We work closely with you from initial consultation, through conceptual design, system fabrication, testing, installation, and commissioning to ensure that your hydraulic needs are met. We also offer maintenance programs to support your team after installation.

Bailey’s engineering design services can be applied to upgrade an existing system as well. We follow a similar process to a full system design and work closely with you to achieve the results you need.

Bailey is equipped with a robust product portfolio with additions weekly to ensure that we have the system components you need. Whether it be for individual, or support system development, we are your trusted supplier for quality electro-hydraulic components.

We can design a system with standard or customized components, including cylinders, motors, hoses, valving, joysticks, sensors, PLC’s, CAN bus controllers and many more.

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